Think-tank-particpants“To my mind pollies and bureaucrats are still ‘doing it’ to communities without genuine consideration for grassroots ideas” (Gail Plowman – Editor, PigsWillFly).

“I am considering ways to enable ASCN to develop stronger links with government, to let them know of creditable approaches other than top down ones. Government needs to know new ways to act to ensure communities around Australia are empowered ” (Mary Brennan – Director, Australian Study Circles Network).

These were some reflections from a recent Think Tank evening facilitated and hosted by ASCN with several internationally recognised community engagement practitioners.

Participants included Matt Leighninger, Executive Director of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium and Senior Associate of Everyday Democracy from the US; Dr Martin Butcher, community engagement planner and consultant, Michael Craighead, Manager Governance and Customer Relations with Frankston City Council; Deb Humphreys researcher and community educator at the Country Fire Authority and Gail Plowman who is editor of Pigswillfly.

Mary Brennan, as part of her research work with Victoria University subsequently wrote a report on the Think Tank and the reflections of all who partcipated. See the Think Tank Report here.

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