a pile of old tyresTyres are a headache to waste management companies and local governments because they are not biodegradable. An enormous chunk of them ends up in landfills leading to wastage of land that can be used for better things. Many tyres are often also illegally dumped causing problems for landholders and the local councils responsible for their collection and removal. Studies show that old tyres release toxic chemicals which over time lead to both soil and underground water pollution. Consumption of food and drinking water that is contaminated with these elements can lead to cancer and other health complications.

Luckily, there are some smart ways to recycling tyres. Many community groups are educating people in their areas so they are aware of the dangers of old tyres and how to prevent them. Here are some creative methods for recycling used tyres without spending a fortune, brought to you by the team at DTL: Australia’s official importer of Durun Tyres and Headway Tyres.

flowers in a tyre planterOutdoor Planters

Establishing a flourishing, organic garden can be an uphill task especially if you do not have spacious backyard. This can be overcome by adding soil into old tyres to plant flowers or shallow rooted vegetables such as kales, tomatoes and potatoes. The rubber absorbs heat during the day, which helps the plants to thrive. You can also hang tyres on your walls to create unusual wall planters.

To Make Belts and Jewel

Purchasing unique belts and jewels nowadays can be a costly affair. If you’re into arts and crafts however, you can cut used tyres into pieces and use them to make bracelets, belts, and even earrings. Bicycle tyres are the most ideal for this purpose as they are made from much softer material than car tyres, however many creative artists have used old car tyres to make stunning jewellery pieces.

Unique Floor Mats and Rugs

Mats and rugs can add immense aesthetic value and elegance to your home. Old tyres can be cut and stitched to make both floor mats and rugs. Both bicycle and vehicle inner tubes can be used, but they should be washed thoroughly to preserve indoor air quality. You can also paint them to complement other interior decoration accessories.

parquet flooringParquet Flooring

One of the best ways of making your office or living room stand out is by making your floor as stylish as possible. There is a company in Sweden that collects the waste tyres, grinds them into powder and then mixes it with recycled plastic to make parquet flooring material. The final product looks amazing and nobody would ever guess it’s recycled from old rubber and environmentally friendly.

Swings for Children

Who doesn’t remember playing on a swing in their childhood? Nowadays, designers have come up with multiple ways of creating great swings that have creatively shaped designs that your children will love playing on. More importantly, they are much safer and affordable than the conventional metallic swings in the market.

Children’s Playgrounds

Small pieces of used tyres are more and more commonly being used as a soft surface covering for children’s playgrounds. The small pieces of rubber are a great way to recycle the rubber and give children an area to play upon which they are less likely to injure themselves.


One of the factors that you should consider when shopping for shoes is the quality of the sole. Used tyres are widely used by shoe companies to make high-quality soles with rubber threads. The shoes are considered eco-friendly as they help to reduce the amount of waste tyres that end up in landfills. Keep an eye out for companies contributing to a better future by advertising shoes with recycled soles next time you need a new pair of kicks.


Old tyres can be cut into equal slices, squares, or triangle shapes and used to make unique furniture for residential and commercial purposes. A lot of up an coming artists will showcase exquisite furniture designs made from recycled material like tyres, and you can do the same at home. Unlike other forms of furniture, these are planet friendly and affordable, not to mention extremely durable.

Free Form Housing

Revolutionary architects have come up with smart ways of using old tyres to make energy efficient homes. Filled with dirt, they are used to make a firm foundation and walls. They are inexpensive and very durable when compared to most conventional construction materials. Called Earthships, these houses are changing the way people think about sustainability and architecture. Not only are they great for the environment they are also cheap to build and extremely well insulated – resulting in minimal, if any, heating/cooling bills.

rubber roofingRoof Tiles

Anyone who has every purchased roofing can attest that it is very expensive. It is now possible to purchase commercially fabricated roof shingles that are made from old tyres. If you are ambitious and want to try this for yourself (maybe start on a garden shed or cubby house for the kids before going crazy on your own home), cut the tires into equal strips and arrange them on the roof in unique patterns that overlap to stop water getting in.

Clearly, there is no shortage of ideas on how to recycle used tyres. Embrace one or two of the highlighted methods to promote environmental wellness. Even if you can’t recycle the old rubber yourself, support businesses who do and help us build a better world for the future.

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