Our modern-day lives seem to be getting faster and faster pace. Some people believe this is because of the technological advancements that have improved our lifestyles in recent times, while others suggest this phenomena is due to modern humans training themselves to do more things in less time.

Our new hectic and ultra-fast paced lives are having a negative effect on something that is important to all of us. That thing is exercise.

Many people make excuses complaining that they don’t have the time or they just can’t be bothered after an exhausting day at the office or studying. Even with our advanced multitasking skills, exercise is still left on the sidelines as something most of us only do occasionally, and some of us, never.

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Many people use lack of time as an excuse for laziness

Exercise is and should play a pivotal role in any person’s life and the argument that “it requires a lot of time” is not a good one. Of course there will be some days when we may feel drained from our responsibilities, but even then we should try to squeeze in ten minutes for some physical activity even just a few push ups. This

Since that we’re talking about pushups, the number one reason that people believe they do not have time to exercise is because they think they need to get down to the gym to get in a good workout, which is not the case. A good training session may not even involve a gym at all, but a good set of pushups, sit-ups and pull-ups. These three exercises are considered to be the most basic ones to keep you fit, which is why even professional athletes include them in their drills. And the best part about them is that you do not have to get a gym membership to do them, you just need some space, some motivation and a few minutes of your time.

“Exercise is so important to long term health. Not only does it reduce fat and help detox the body but it has also been shown to aid in the fight against cancer” says Brendan an exercise physiologist from Brisbane. “People often overlook the importance of regular exercise. This is something we try to address with many of our clients.”

Time is not always the factor however. Lack of motivation and general laziness also plays a big role in why people don’t get off their couches and get moving. They may put the blame on time but really they are afraid to admit that they are just being lazy. However, they should be reminded that exercising is not for anyone else but for themselves and for their health, and there is NOTHING more important than good health.

At the end of the day, exercising will always be significant for our well-being but it is up to us to motivate ourselves and spare a few minutes every now and then for a short jog or a few push ups. Put in a bit of work each day now and your future self will be sure to thank you.

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