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Issues with Pay Day Loans in Low Socio-Economic Areas

Payday loans are short-term loans that are easy to apply for, and most of the time, they are taken to meet urgent monetary needs like medical bills, car repairs or other unexpected costs. These loans have to be paid back the day you receive your income and usually carry quite high interest rates. When you […]

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Community Backed Tyre Recycling

Tyres are a headache to waste management companies and local governments because they are not biodegradable. An enormous chunk of them ends up in landfills leading to wastage of land that can be used for better things. Many tyres are often also illegally dumped causing problems for landholders and the local councils responsible for their […]

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Property Management & Tenant Screening

How to Screen Potential Renters Fairly Creating a dialogue to change in the rental market is one of the key goals for property managers in Queensland as tenants and property management companies are consistently at ends with each other due to the red tape surrounding screening potential renters. Tenants feel hard done by with some […]

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