Maryborough D2C on film

Australian Study Circles Network ran a Dialogue to Change Program in Maryborough, Victoria, Australia in March and April 2011. We worked with Goldfields Employment and Learning Centre and Neighbourhood Renewal, Central Goldfields Shire. This video captures the experience from ASCN and local organisers and residents.

Testimonials from Maryborough people

To me it was a revelation. This was a process to get a community to come together, to talk through issues, to come up with ideas and then to lead to some types of solutions that are attainable.
Drina Andrews – Manager Goldfields Employment and Learning Centre

People who were there are saying that they now have the confidence to ask the questions – they’ve learnt some communication skills; they know they have the right to ask as residents.
Liz Dorsett –  Maryborough Neighbourhood Renewal

I think it’s a very easy process to show us that we can do something and I loved every part of it.
Issy Dunlop – Resident, Maryborough

Maryborough D2C Program Report

This Maryborough Dialogue to Change Program Report, June 2011, provides recommendations, quantitative outputs, qualitative data, the chronology of the Dialogue to Change Program and the action ideas generated from the process.